Clammy Hands

Anyone who ever had a problem with constantly clammy hands knows how it can make you feel when your hands are constantly sweaty. Such a normal, and to most people pleasurable experience as meeting new people can give you feel anxiety-like feelings simply because shaking another person’s hand with sweaty palms is embarrassing to you, and most often uncomfortable to the other person.

Even though such a small thing shouldn’t affect a relationship, it does. We simply don’t have a chance to make a first impression a second time. When you shake someone’s handsĀ  and that person has a negative experience – some people find it downright disgusting, even though they won’t show it in most cases – the first impression that you make is not a good one. Some people might think things such as: “Doesn’t he know that you shouldn’t shake someone’s hands in such a sweaty way? Is it too much to take a tissue and wipe your hands if you are about to shake hands?” Most people don’t understand that this is an actual medical problem, and rather think of it as poor body hygiene, even though you might be perfectly clean.

A common way to deal with clammy hands is talcum powder, or cornstarch powder. These can help you to temporarily relieve your problems, but you will constantly have to deal with it, and reapply it to your hands. The same is true for special antiperspirants that are made for your palms.

A popular treatment is iontophoresis. Here, a device is attached to a water basin. You then lay your hands into the water basin, and the device is activated. It will create a mild electric current, which will basically “shock” your palmer sweat glands, so that they become unable to function temporarily. And thus, the sweating stops. As you might be able to imagine, this treatment can actually be a bit painful, and to some people it’s actually too much. Also, you will need to constantly repeat this treatment. A good iontophoresis device costs upward of $1000, and even though you can also go to a dermatologist to have it done, with all the repeat visits and the prices they charge, you’ll end up in the approximately smae range. Plus, there is still some debate about whether this treatment form is really as effective as many people think it is.

I personally prefer natural methods to get rid of clammy hands. They are very low risk, and very affordable too. Plus, yu basically help your body to restore it’s natural balance, rather than trying to force things with prescription drugs.

There are some home remedies like putting your hands in tea 30 minutes a day, but quiet frankly, I simply don’t have the time to do that. And I think most people don’t have it either. Plus, I don’t like what keeping your hands in water for 30 minutes does to your skin, specially if you do it every day.

I hope yo found this article use- and helpful. If you have specific questions on your mind, please let meknow about them. You find my email address in the Sweating Guide.

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