Excessive Head Sweating

Excessive head sweating can be a very embarrassing condition, and up until now, it isn’t really clear what the caues of this sweat problem are. Of course, it is annoying because you can’t cover it up as easily as you can cover up excessive sweating in other areas. (For example, if you have axial hyperhidrosis, in many cases underarm sweat shields can help to disguise this problem). Excessive head sweating is out there in the open, for everyone to see, exposed to the public eye.

What’s more – the sweat that drops down your head will be absorbed by your hair partially, making your hair damp, and can even make it smell like stale sweat. (Which is, as you probably now, not a very pleasant smell). For women of course, the make-up problem that is associated with having sweat running down your face can even be worse.

And even if you are not embarrassed because of it – ieven if you don’t care about how other people perceive you – it is still a very bothersome condition, because your face is more sensitive than other areas of your body, and constantly having sweat dripping down your face is a distraction – specially if the sweat drops into your eyes.

There are different hyperhidrosis treatments available to you, and I am going to talk about their up- and downsides here. I hope this will provide you with a good overview, and more important, a roadmap that will be useful and beneficial to you when you try to decide which way is best for you.

The first treatment that I want to talk about are special antiperspirants that you can apply to your face. These can work, but the problem is that these lotions are often expensive, or can have other sideeffects on your facial skin.

Another solution that many head hyperhidrosis sufferers eye with is ETS surgery (endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy). I personally would strongly advise AGAINST using ETS surgery. I understand that specially with severe and persistent cases of excessive head sweating, this might seem like a solution, and when people are desperate they are willing to take greater risks. But till this day, ETS proceduress till aren’t very safe, and there is a high risk that people who undergo ETS sugery will later on develop compensatory sweating. Compensatory sweating (also known as reflex sweating) can be just as bad as the original sweat problem, or even worse in some cases. According to a recent study, up to ninety percent of th people who undergo ETS surgery will later develop compensatory sweating.

I would rather advice you towards natural cures for excessive head sweating. They are not as easy as taking a pill, but there aren’t all those side effects attached to them that can develop with medication and prescription drugs.  Once you understand that you are not alone in this, and that there are many other people who have the same sweat problem like you, and that there are thousands of people who already found a permanent solution for it, without having to risk their health – you will feel more confident to make the next step and conquer your hyperhidrosis, so that you can say goodbye to excessive head sweating once and for all.

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Tony April 12, 2012 at 8:09 am

I had a sympathectomy several years ago for my sweaty hands and have regretted it ever since. I now suffer excessive facial sweat ing whenever I eat a meal and this has seriously affected my life both socially and domestically.
Iv’e tried all the facial wipes available for this condition and none work.
To anyone considering this operation: DO NOT HAVE IT DONE.
It will wreck your life.

GMA August 8, 2012 at 1:58 am

I am well past menopause. This is very different! If I don’t have access to air circulation my head face and neck drip with sweat even at 75 degrees. I cut my hair very short thinking that would help but it has not. I’m very uncomfortable and plan my life around weather I can have access to a fan. I even bought a portable one. I am miserable. Is there any help out there!

Sweat No More September 1, 2012 at 4:04 pm

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